Commercial offer

Dear partners !

Homebio offer a full package of services for the design, manufacture of wooden cottages, houses, baths, gazebos from dry (moisture 20 + -2% in the center of the log) and natural moisture of planed cylindrical logs, profiled timber (solid wood), glued laminated timber according to standard designs, and as well as individual wishes of Customers (lunar or Finnish groove).

Qualified architects of the company will help you choose a typical house project that meets the customer's requirements or develop an individual project.

The principle of the firm's work is an individual approach to each customer, taking into account all his needs and preferences. If necessary, the modification of existing projects is carried out in accordance with specific wishes or individual design, when concluding a contract, a full package of services is offered: design, manufacture.

The production capacity of the company currently allows the production of a wall constructor volume equivalent to 9000 m2 of total area per year. At the same time, the company does not stop at the achieved results, but is developing dynamically: the sawing line is being improved, a new workshop for the production of molded products, products from glued beams, new drying chambers is being built.
Our company not only introduces advanced technologies and equipment of leading foreign companies into production, but also actively develops its own innovative technologies and equipment that are not inferior and even superior to the world's best achievements in the field of woodworking industry.
Introduces a new bowl with heat seal and longitudinal groove. An automated line (machine SCHK-1) for the production of wall elements eliminates manual labor and related errors. The result is high precision. Tight fixation of logs in a thermal lock reliably protects the house from blowing and freezing, which allows you to save up to 25% of the heat in the house.